One Unforgettable Day, One Undeniable Impact.

By being part of Crush It for Cancer, you will be changing the lives of families facing cancer in Ottawa forever.

2020 Crush It For Cancer

What if you could help change someone’s life just by making a few changes in your own?

Last year at Crush It for Cancer, hundreds of men and women from all across Ottawa came together to work towards their own fitness and wellness goals, sweat, recharge, raise funds, and change the lives of local families who are facing cancer.

And this year, they’ll be bringing their teams together again to enjoy an updated roster of activities, featuring classic fitness and wellness favourites and a few exciting new surprises…and we think you should join them!

Here’s why: Crush It for Cancer is a day-long circuit of group wellness activities like meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, new styles of dance, and more. This format allows you to try new fitness and wellness activities with your friends and colleagues, giving you a full day to discover new ways to move and recharge while focusing on your own health and well being. Add in some great music, healthy snacks, and a gourmet lunch and you’ve got one unforgettable event!

But the most important part starts before participants find themselves on their mats they raise funds in the months leading up to the event to provide hope and help to families who are facing cancer in Ottawa. About 8,000 people will receive a cancer diagnosis in our community this year, and over 30,000 are currently in treatment, meaning our treatment and care services are in need of our support now more than ever before.

Funds raised at Crush It for Cancer will support the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, a local organization providing Cancer Coaching to families in need, and investing in local research and clinical trials. Your support will help those touched by cancer improve their own health and well-being, better navigate the healthcare system, better understand their treatment options, and will help fund the most ground-breaking new discoveries at our local hospitals. By joining Crush It for Cancer, you are helping our community work towards a future where no one must face cancer alone.

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