Join us on Saturday, June 2nd 2018, as thousands of families in our community will be TAKING A STAND for their loved ones affected by cancer and participating in the BIGGEST lemonade stand fundraiser in Canada!

The Lemonade Standemonium is a fun-filled fundraiser where kids host stands in their neighbourhood, all while raising funds and awareness for cancer care and research. Over the last five years thousands of families have participated and raised more than $350,000 for local cancer care - now that’s a lot of lemonade!

Click the Cause to learn more about how kids involved in the Lemonade Standemonium are PUTTING THE SQUEEZE ON CANCER and helping families in our community.


1. Register Your Team

Register your team by clicking "create a team". The individual that creates the team will be registered and all other members must register individually and choose the option to "join a team". Every member of the team must register to get their own welcome kit and web page, which is linked to prizing incentives.

2. Choose Your Location

Let us know where you will be hosting your stand on June 2nd 2018 by e-mailing lemonade@ottawacancer.ca with your team name, and location. This will help avoid double occupancies and we will add your stand to the map below to help promote it! ***If you are in need of a location to host your lemonade stand, please email us as we have a couple businesses who have offered their location.

3. Get Your Welcome Kit

Included in your welcome kit is:

  • NEW t-shirt
  • Welcome letter
  • Letter of Support
  • Thank You Card
  • 2 complimentary bottles of lemonade cordial from our sponsor Lighthouse Lemonade

Pick up times will be TBC.

4. Start Fundraising

You can get a head start as soon as you register! Learn how to promote your stand here! Asking friends and family to purchase a virtual cup of lemonade on your personal page, or hosting stands leading up to event day can bring you that much closer to earning very exciting incentive prizes!

5. Drop Off Day

On Sunday June 3rd (time TBC), we invite everyone to drop off their donations at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation in the afternoon and join us for a celebration! You also have the option of adding the donations to your website.

Lemonade Drop Off Banner


Please visit our FAQs. You can also send an e-mail to lemonade@ottawacancer.ca