You are just a few clicks away from making a positive change in local cancer care. Each year more than 7,000 people will be devastated to learn cancer has entered their family. By becoming a Cancer Champion today, you will be helping to provide them HOPE for the future. 


1. Register Your Fundraiser (read all options below):

 Create a fundraiser (that others can join)

Select "Create a Fundraiser (that others can join)" if you are the event organizer and will have people registering in the event. As the event organizer, you will have an event page and personal donation page created automatically. Both can be personalized by you only. Those that join your event will only have a personal page to manage, but their names will appear under the main event page. 

 Join a fundraiser  

Select "Join a Fundraiser" if you wish to join an event that is already registered. A personal page will be created for you, which you can personalize. Your name will appear under the main event page and your fundraising will go towards the event. Search the fundraiser name in the "event" search bar and join!

 Create a fundraiser as an individual Select "Create a Fundraiser (as an individual)" if you do not wish to have others join your event. A single personal donation page will be automatically created for you. We encourage you to personalize this page by explaining what your event is and uploading a picture!

2. Spread the word about your fundraiser to your family, friends, and co-workers! To make it easier for you, we've created template emails for you to use, edit, and send through your participant center!

3. Make your mark on the Cancer Champions movement by starting your fundraising today! Use your online donation page or collect your funds using our pledge form (menu tab above)!