We've put together a list of resources to help you with your fundraising journey! If you'd like to see something else on here, or think it would be useful for next year to add to this list, please e-mail us at We want to progress each year to assist you better!

  • Pledge form: if you receive a cash or cheque donation over $20, the donor is entitled to a tax receipt. In order for us to send them one, we need the information that can be tracked on this form. Please ensure all the information is filled out and accurate and keep the form and payments seperate from your lemonade sales when you submit the cash to the Foundation. This helps us with processing the payments.
  • Letter of support: we encourage you to reach out to business for support with your stand. You can ask to host stands leading up and on event day in high traffic areas (in front of grocery stores, in a mall, and other public properties). You can use this letter to make the ask and show that it is an official charity event. Along with hosting a stand, you can also ask stores for item donations to your stand: lemons, lemonade, lemonade dispenser, and prizes that you can use for draws. Get creative and start asking!
  • Reaching out to your city councillor: city councillors love to get involved with philanthropic community events. They could definitely pop by your stand, make a donation, and perhaps spread the word. You won't know until you ask!
  • Thank you card: although some people think cards are too ''old school'', it usually puts a smile on someone's face to receive one. You can print these out for anyone who has donated, or helped your team with the campaign, and write a special personalized note.

City Councillor Lemonade Stand

Steve Laclair and TD helping put the SQUEEZE on cancer