1. When should I host my stand?

Individuals and teams are encouraged to host as many stands as they would like once registered! Hosting lemonade stands before event day (Saturday June 3rd) can be a great way to fundraise and reach a higher fundraising total. You can think of opportunities like sport games, special events, garage sales etc. The official event day is Saturday June 3rd 2017, when we would like all stands to “paint the town yellow” and let us know where their stand will be hosted (

2. Where should I host my stand?

The opportunities are endless! Your own neighbourhood, at a relative’s house in a busier neighbourhood, or even a public place like a grocery store, sports field, or school! If you choose a public area or store, you will want to talk to the owners ahead of time to get permission to host your stand in case they have specific rules or they have something else going on that day.

3. What if I can't host my stand on June 3, 2017? Can I still participate?

Of course - we would love to have your support! We would like to have as many stands as possible on the same day - June 3, 2017 - to make a BIG splash in the Ottawa region. However, you can host one or many lemonade stand before or after the event if you'd prefer.

4. What do I do with big donations?

If someone would like to make a bigger donation than what they might give for a glass of lemonade, there are two options:

1. Encourage them to donate online to either your/your child's individual page or the team page using their credit card.

2. For cash and cheque donations, use our pledge form to track the donor's information and their donation amount. Please ensure all information is filled out and accurate for prompt receipting. Keep this form and the corresponding payments separate from your lemonade stand proceeds when you submit contributions to the Cancer Foundation. There is a minimum of $20 to receive a tax receipt.

NOTE: As per CRA guideline, the lemonade sales (smaller amounts for cups of lemonade) are not eligible for tax receipts.

5. How do we get the money raised to the Cancer Foundation?

We invite all participants to drop off their donations on Sunday June 4th in the afternoon (time TBC) at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation (1500 Alta Vista dr). We hand out cheques for your donations that you can bring home and take a picture with for souvenirs. Alternatively, you have the option of adding the money fundraised to your donation pages. You can then split the amount evenly among team members.

6. How does incentive prizing work?

The incentive prizes are awarded to individuals, which is why it's important for each person to be signed up separately and be as active as possible on their fundraising page. Any team donations can be split evenly among team members. In order for participants to be eligible, all donations and proceeds must be dropped off at the Foundation before June 9 2017. Prize winners will be announced no later than June 30th.

7. Where does the money go?

This year funds raised will support innovative cancer research and clinical trials and be invested in providing Cancer Coaching to families who are facing cancer.

8. How do I receive my t-shirt?

Welcome kit pick up times will be every Wednesday starting May 3rd from 5-8pm at the Foundation.

9. What's included in my welcome kit?

  • Branded T-shirt
  • Welcome letter
  • Letter of Support
  • Thank You Card

10. How do I promote my stand?

Learn how to boost and promote your stand here!