This page is all about helping you create a successful and fun lemonade stand campaign!

You’ve rallied your friends & family, now how do you make your stand campaign awesome?

1) Online Fundraising

Personalize your fundraising page by adding a picture, and sharing reasons as to why your participating. Send the link out to friends and families via e-mail and share on social media (be sure to ask your parents for help!). Encourage people to donate to your page and send reminders. You won’t know until you ask!

2) Locations: When AND Where?

We encourage all of our participants to host lemonade stands leading up to event day. The whole idea is to fundraise for cancer, and the more stands you host, the more you’ll raise! Some teams decide to host lemonade stands every weekend in May but you can come up with days that work for you (perhaps that’s a Wednesday at soccer practice).

Find out if your community is hosting festivals, garage sales, sports tournaments, or other events that could be an opportunity to sell lemonade. Look at stores in high traffic locations, like grocery stores, or shopping malls. If you want to host a stand on a private property (i.e. in front of a store) please make sure to ask permission. We encourage you to print this letter of support and provide them with a thank you card afterwards.

3) Spread the Word

Let everyone know where your stand(s) will be on your personal fundraising page and via e-mail and social media. You can even go old school and make posters for your school, local coffee shops etc! For your location on event day (June 3rd 2017) you can let us know where your stand will be by e-mailing  with your team name, and location. This will help avoid double occupancies and we will add your stand to the map below to help promote it!

4) Make an awesome stand

Make your stand bright and visible! We recommend reading this blog post - how to make your stand AWESOME!

You can also ask stores if they would like to donate items to your stand (juice dispenser, lemonade juice etc). You can use this letter of support to ask for donations.

Don't forget to use this pledge form for donations over $20 to your stand (if done in person) with cash or cheque. To issue tax receipts, we need to keep track of donors information and the amount given. People who donate online will automatically receive a tax receipet by email. 

Promoting my Stand