We've put together a list of resources to help you with your fundraising journey! If you'd like to see something else on here, or think it would be useful for next year to add to this list, please e-mail us at We want to progress each year to assist you better! Click the title of the paragraph to download the document!

  • Pledge form: If you receive a cash or cheque donation over $20, the donor is entitled to a tax receipt. In order for us to send them one, we will need to know certain details about them that you can record on this form. Please ensure all the information is filled out and accurate and keep the form and payments separate from your lemonade sales when you submit the cash to the Foundation. This helps us with processing the payments. For big donations, ask your supporters to make an online donation through your fundraising page they’ll receive a virtual copy of their tax receipt right away.
  • Letter of support: Use this letter to ask for support with your lemonade stand and show that you are a part of an official charity event.
  • Goal Tracker: Print this off, track your fundraising progress and be sure to post this on the fridge for everyone to see!
  • Thank you card: Write a special message in this thank you card template that we have created for you.

Lemonata Stand